Travel to ancient Egypt of pyramids and catacombs, and try to solve the Mistery of the Cepter of Anubis. Escape from the Nefertiti catacombs in which many have perished along the way....


The templar order of Sir Robert Geremus has been exterminated by the troops of the Pope Clemento V. To fight against the troops of the Pope and to restore the order of the Templars it is necessary to recover the Black Cross hidden by a Spanish priest. Will you be the chosen ones to recover the Black Cross?

The Hacker Room

Interpol has been taking months behind the steps of international terrorist Vladimir, a hacker from the former Soviet Union. To help Interpol, you'll have to get into Vladimir's apartment and solve all his traps ...

Difficult room. Not recommended to newbies on Escape Rooms.

One Team, 60 minutes, many puzzles and one exit. Can you escape in time?...

Best Escape Rooms Mallorca brings to Palma 3 fully-themed Escape Rooms to provide an unique and fun experience to play with friends. Apart from solving misteries and puzzles, you will encounter many surprises along the game. Not only will you need to form a great team, but also will need to work together to escape successfully. Being closed in a Escape Room can bring out the best or the worse in you,  but in any case, you will need all your team's efforts to escape in time. Who knows, maybe you discover a new you or an unknown face our your friends. 

¿Who are Escape Rooms for?

Friends & Family

A really fun game to enjoy with friends or family. A life experience, no matter the heat, cold or rain 🙂

Special Occasions

¿tired of the usual plans? A different and fun experience for celebrating a Stag/Hen party or your birthday...


Get to really know your workmates... team building, creative thinking, development of logic and life challenges, much better than any traditional training or team building center!

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